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Easy Buri Daikon

205kcal / per person

Buri daikon is a dish using buri (yellowtail) and daikon (white radish), both popular ingredients in winter in Japan. This is a very simple recipe so anyone can easily make it. When frying the daikon, use the grease from the yellowtail and not oil. Cooking with grease from other ingredients without using oil is one of the basic techniques of Japanese cuisine.

Steamed Sea Bream

150kcal / per person

Steaming cooks ingredients evenly and removes excess grease. Arrange it simple by garnishing with the white part of a Japanese leek or ginger to add some flavor.

Squid Broiled with Salt

63kcal / per person

This is a simple dish. You prepare only squid.

Cod Broiled with Sesame Seeds and Soy Sauce

101kcal / per person

This is a healthy fish dish with sesame seeds and soy sauce, without fresh cream or butter.

Scallops with Lemon Sauce

47kcal / per person

Quick and easy recipe, A versatile dish which can be served as a salad or a side dish.

Rice Cooked with Sea Bream

225kcal / per person

This is a dish to enjoy the taste and the aroma of delicate sea bream and the freshly cooked rice.

Sardine Kabayaki

188kcal / per person

Kabayaki is a preparation of the fish opened butterfly and dipped in a rich and thick sauce before broiling.

Mellow Squid Stew

110kcal / per person

Squid pairs well with Japanese-style soy sauce taste.

Sardines Simmered with Umeboshi

145kcal / per person

Rich in DHA and EPA, which are beneficial for the vascular system's health, the sardine is attracting attention in terms of lifestyle-related diseases prevention.

Marinated Grilled Kuruma Prawns

80kcal / per person

Skewered and stretched prawns are grilled in the shell in the oven. They are then seasoned with dashi stock, soy sauce and mirin. Prawns are used as a New Year's decoration and an ingredient of osechi New Year's dishes as a symbol of long life because their long whiskers and bent back are reminiscent of an old man.

Mackerel Tatsuta-age

226kcal / per person

Tatsuta-age is named after the Tatsuta River, a famous site for the autumn leaves in Nara Prefecture. It is said that the red color of deep fried chicken or mackerel marinated in soy sauce-based sauce and the white color of starch resemble the Tatsuta River with autumn leaves.

Ebi Fry

231kcal / per person

Ebi fry is a breaded and deep-fried prawn. It is served with tartar sauce or Worcestershire sauce. It is a familiar dish at home as well in restaurants.

Sake-Steamed Clams

21kcal / per person

This dish is low in sodium and calories, as the clam, which is already salty, is steamed only with a little sake and water. Clam is rich in taurin and iron, which help keep the liver healthy.

Oil-seared Bonito

179kcal / per person

Seared bonito is one of the typical bonito dishes and is prepared by searing on the outside of the fish. In this recipe, bonito is breaded and deep fried. As it is a bold dish but easy to make, it is perfect for meals with your guests.

Baby Horse Mackerel Nanban-zuke

187kcal / per person

Nanban means dishes with leek and red chili pepper. Foreign countries such as Portugal and Spain were called Nanban at the end of the Muromachi era. The term nanban was attached to the ingredients and the cooking methods introduced from these countries.

Herb Grilled Horse Mackerel

151kcal / per person

Herb grilled dishes call for herbs or aromatic vegetables. Typical Japanese herbs and aromatic vegetables are leek, ginger, green perilla leaf, mitsuba and myoga. They are fragrant and help boost appetite.

Japanese-style Marinated Tuna and Grilled Vegetables

165kcal / per person

Marinate sauce is soy sauce based, Japanese style sauce. Browned tuna and vegetables are a good match.

Shore-style Lightly Stewed Sardines

262kcal / per person

Wakame served with sardine adds a flavor of the ocean.

Crunchy White Fish with Thick Sauce

190kcal / per person

Delightful combination of deep fried white fish and steaming thick sauce. It is a dish for cold days.

Deep Fried Okaki Salmon

133kcal / per person

There are a variety of batters for deep frying; besides the classics such as tempura batter and bread crumb frying batter, you can use okaki, arare (both are Japanese rice crackers) and harusame (bean-starch vermicelli). Try various batters and enjoy new tastes.

Snow-viewing Salmon Hot Pot

188kcal / per person

Grated white daikon looks like snow. Grated daikon makes the taste of fish milder and refreshing.