Any delicious dish is the result of a succession of steps. Let's brush up on your cooking skills by reviewing some basic techniques such as cutting. The cure you put into every step of cooking is sure to bring a smile on every face on your dining table.

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Tips for Cooking

e-Healthy Chunky Red Bean Paste (serves 4)

Step 1

Rinse 100 of red beans and soak in water overnight. Bring the beans in the soaking water to a boil in a pot over lower medium heat. Add some water when it comes to a boil and let simmer a while longer. Discard the cooking water and replenish with fresh water. Cook over a low heat so the beans do not bounce around and remove any scum. Make sure the beans are always covered with water and add water if the level is too low.

Step 2

When the beans are tender, add 60 of sugar not all at once but in 2 or 3 portions and then add 0.2 of salt. If the recipe calls for un-mashed azuki beans, they are ready for use. For azuki bean paste, purée the cooked beans according to the recipe.

Tips for Cooking