Any delicious dish is the result of a succession of steps. Let's brush up on your cooking skills by reviewing some basic techniques such as cutting. The cure you put into every step of cooking is sure to bring a smile on every face on your dining table.

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Japanese Cutting/Peeling Techniques

Sainome-giri (1-cm cubes) / Arare-giri (5-mm cubes)

Sainome-giri is cutting an ingredient into small cubes about the size of a dice. Arare-giri is cutting into cubes a little smaller than sainome-giri. The term arare means hailstone in Japanese.

Sainome-giri (1-cm cubes)

First cut into 1-cm thick sticks, and then cut the sticks into 1-cm cubes.

Arare-giri (5-mm cubes)

The same as for sainome-giri but first cut into 5-mm sticks and then cut the sticks into 5-mm cubes.

Japanese Cutting/Peeling Techniques