Any delicious dish is the result of a succession of steps. Let's brush up on your cooking skills by reviewing some basic techniques such as cutting. The cure you put into every step of cooking is sure to bring a smile on every face on your dining table.

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Preparation / Reconstitution of Dried Foods

How to Prepare Mushrooms

Preparation may vary depending on the variety of mushroom.

Shiitake mushrooms

Washing shiitake mushrooms spoils the flavor. To clean shiitake mushrooms, wipe with a paper towel or cloth. Gently pat the top of the cap to get rid of any dirt from the gills (underside of the cap). Cut off the stem.

Shimeji mushrooms / Enoki mushrooms

Cut off the stems of shimeji mushrooms, separate into small clusters and quickly rinse. Cut off the tough root ends of enoki mushrooms. Just before cooking, swish them around in water to remove any dirt.

Preparation / Reconstitution of Dried Foods