Any delicious dish is the result of a succession of steps. Let's brush up on your cooking skills by reviewing some basic techniques such as cutting. The cure you put into every step of cooking is sure to bring a smile on every face on your dining table.

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Tips for Cooking

Temperatures for Frying in Oil

If a cooking thermometer is not available, there are other methods to determine the temperature of frying oil. For tempura, drop a few drops of the batter and judge the temperature by the time it takes for them to come to the surface. For dishes that are not coated in batter, the temperature can be determined by the bubbles arising from kitchen chopsticks placed in the oil.

Step 1

Drop a few drops of batter into the oil. If they sink to the bottom and rise to the surface slowly, the temperature is about 140°C. If they rise quickly, the temperature of the oil is about 160°C. If they do not sink to the bottom and surface from the middle, the oil is at about 180°C. If they only sink slightly and quickly scatter across the surface, the oil is at about 200°C.

Step 2

Dip a kitchen chopstick in the oil and, if bubbles slowly come from the tip of the chopsticks, the temperature is about 160°C. If bubbles come in a flurry from the entire chopstick, the oil is at about 180°C. If bubbles appear quickly and strongly from the entire chopstick, the oil is at about 200°C.

Tips for Cooking