Any delicious dish is the result of a succession of steps. Let's brush up on your cooking skills by reviewing some basic techniques such as cutting. The cure you put into every step of cooking is sure to bring a smile on every face on your dining table.

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Tips for Cooking

How to Make Rice Balls (Triangular, Round, and Barrel-shaped)

Rice balls commonly are in three shapes: triangular, round and barrel-shaped.

Step 1

First, wet the palms of your hands with water and lightly salt. Empty a small bowl of rice onto your palm, add the filling to the center of the rice, and shape it into a ball, using both hands.

Step 2

To make a triangular rice ball, form an angle using thumb and fingers. Adjust the thickness using the other hand. To make a round one, form a ball using both hands. To make a barrel-shaped one, roll into a cylinder shape and flatten the ends.

Tips for Cooking